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06 June 2015

Jordan C. | Senior Session | Dunedin, FL | 04 June 2015

Hey dear friends!

I went on vacation this past week to surprise my younger brother for his high school graduation. It was pretty awesome to be able to surprise him with the help of my awesome NCO and my parents (my mom was just glad it wasn't her that I was surprising!) 

My family wasn't happy with the people taking senior photos (it's your generic photo studio and she didn't feel they were able to properly show his personality). So to start off my work in Senior Portraits, I got to practice on my younger brother. It also kind of turned into a mini family session (we don't have a lot of current photos).

Due to the time constraints (I had to fly home later that night), this was a very short session. 

Proud parents of the latest graduate of the Caldwell family!

He's a momma's boy (it's a good thing)

These happen to be two of my favorite photos from the entire session

My family :)
((self-timers are the bomb)
Funny story, this picture actually took a few tries because I had never used a self timer before and I kept slipping on the deck trying to get behind my father.

My parents favorite line is always "Act like you like each other"

Overall it was a fun afternoon and I am glad that I got to take pictures for him. 
Also glad he agreed to be my test subject!

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